Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Butterfly needlepoint

Here's a quick update on projects that I've had going this year. I finished my needlepoint butterfly that is supposed to go on the side of the purse it came with, however, the zipper on the purse broke :(. So maybe I will save it for another purse or make it into a pillow... I haven't decided yet.

Celtic Bookmark

And here is the celtic bookmark I made which my DBF has been using so I guess as far as he's concerned it's finished. I'd like to make a tassel for it and add a backing to protect the stitches later when I have a chance.

Mouse pad

I started a mousepad design that's really cute of a kitty tangled up in yarn and a colorful maze for the background. I haven't worked on it much lately because none of my hoops like the plastic canvas that came with the kit so I am having to make do without the benefit of a hoop. It's a pain to stitch when you don't have it stretched out and flat while you are working on it. I plan to come back and finish it later when I feel I have a lil more patience for it.

My latest project I started is an asian butterfly design which I will post a pic of later once I feel I've actually got something done on it. I've only got the body of the butterfly done which isn't much in comparison to the total design.

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  1. Wow! I love it! Did you take this with DBF's cellphone? Anyway the bookmark is cute. Looking forward to seeing that cute kitty. ^_^


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