Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's a boy!!!

We went to the ultrasound on Friday and found out that we are having a boy so my DBF is getting a son. We are both really excited and will be planning the baby shower shortly and sending out invitations so if you need me to send you one, send me an email with your addy and i'll be sure to get one out to you. I need to start on the list anyways now that we know what we are planning for. We have already settled on a name which is Poe Byron, Poe for Edgar Allen Poe, my DBF's favorite poet, and Byron for my dad who was there to actually raise us. Baby Poe already has been kicking on a regular basis as well, though it seems fairly random at the moment. I imagine me running around a lot may be putting the kiddo to sleep or I'm too busy to notice him kicking me. Also, on a side note, the ultrasound says Poe's due date is October 28th, but I'm just planning on him arriving during the last week of October, it's rare a child arrives on schedule so it's best guess.

As for work, it's been really busy, I've been working as a line cook on the early morning shift. It's great exercise with everything we do there day to day. Although my lower back muscles, ankles, and feet don't exactly agree with me right now. The aches are slowly subsiding so it's just my body getting used to me being on my feet again. It's nice to be back at work doing something and bringing home a paycheck so we don't feel so tight on our budget.

Monday, June 8, 2009

New bloggers and Baby Jones update

My DBF started a couple blogs recently on Friday about his thoughts in this world here and impending fatherhood here. His best friend also started his own blog here about his own views and politics as well. They are really good people with some unique points of view on the world you may very well find interesting to read and interact on. But I give you one warning: they don't care if you agree or disagree with their point of view or if you think they might be a little out there. So read at your own risk.

Also, in a few weeks we will start planning out the baby shower and getting ready to send invitations out so if I need to send you one please make sure I have your current addy by emailing me and put 'Baby Shower' in the subject line. I'll try to double check as many addys as I can before I send them out, but I can't guarantee I won't miss someone. We are registered at Babies 'R Us and our registry number is 61933365 in case you need it. However, you can also look up the registry under my name, my DBF's name, our phone number, our addy, as well as the names, addys, and phone numbers of our parents if you should know them a little better than ourselves, but still wish to get a lil something anyways. We will also be doing a gift registry at Target this Friday as well so there will be a couple places you can choose from. I am including items on both ends of the financial spectrum so depending on your finances, and what you can afford to splurge, there's something everyone can get for the baby if you choose to do so.

I have also felt the baby start to kick a few times off and on so the baby is definitely getting strong enough at last for me to feel movement as it (we don't know if we are getting a boy or girl yet, hence the 'it'.) bounces around inside me. My colostrum seems to have started coming in already as of last night is when I noticed it. I wasn't expecting to see any for at least a little bit longer. The only information on the subject is that it's a normal pregnancy symptom and usually happens late in pregnancy. Although I don't think 19 weeks is really 'late' in my pregnancy. At least I know I'll be getting milk for feeding the baby by the time I go into labor.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Update on baby stuff and baby Jones

We have gotten a few items already from my mom for the baby that she surprised us with this past Saturday. Her boss had a couple items that they bought thinking they would be using them for their grandchildren, but only used them a couple of times so they are practically new. We also received from his wife who was very thoughtful to do this, a new car seat. So we already have 2 car seats, a playpen, and a stroller much to our surprise.

She is planning on getting a crib from them as well that changes to a toddler bed. They are buying a new bed for their little girl and then we will be able to pick up the crib. My sister, Heidi, plans on buying a bassinet this summer for the baby as well.

I am 18.5 weeks into my pregnancy, and at the beginning of my 5th month (time is flying here). We have 18 more days until we settle the debate once and for all of boy or girl and we finalize our picks for names. We have a name picked out if we are having a boy, and I am working on a list for possible girl names which may be longer before it gets shorter. I was able to convince my DBF to consider going through a list of names and discussing possible options which he is letting me do (yeah!) so he isn't hellbent on Kachana anymore. For whatever reason, I cannot think of a middle name to compliment Kachana, and it does not speak to me as being a good pick for us on a possible girl's name. So the possibilities here are ongoing...

And one last bit of good news... on Friday night, I felt the baby kick briefly. It was on my lower right side and very light. I haven't felt any more kicks since, so I think the baby isn't quite strong enough yet to really let me have it. Also, I've been doing a lot of running around so it could be I just haven't sat still long enough to make it noticeable too. Also our registry number at Babies 'R' Us is 61933365, but you can also find us using our names, our phone or addresses, or even our parents' information online or in the store. And they do phone orders for in store pickup too just in case that option will work better for you. We are planning on doing a registry through Target as well, but it hasn't been started yet.
Baby Number Two