Monday, June 8, 2009

New bloggers and Baby Jones update

My DBF started a couple blogs recently on Friday about his thoughts in this world here and impending fatherhood here. His best friend also started his own blog here about his own views and politics as well. They are really good people with some unique points of view on the world you may very well find interesting to read and interact on. But I give you one warning: they don't care if you agree or disagree with their point of view or if you think they might be a little out there. So read at your own risk.

Also, in a few weeks we will start planning out the baby shower and getting ready to send invitations out so if I need to send you one please make sure I have your current addy by emailing me and put 'Baby Shower' in the subject line. I'll try to double check as many addys as I can before I send them out, but I can't guarantee I won't miss someone. We are registered at Babies 'R Us and our registry number is 61933365 in case you need it. However, you can also look up the registry under my name, my DBF's name, our phone number, our addy, as well as the names, addys, and phone numbers of our parents if you should know them a little better than ourselves, but still wish to get a lil something anyways. We will also be doing a gift registry at Target this Friday as well so there will be a couple places you can choose from. I am including items on both ends of the financial spectrum so depending on your finances, and what you can afford to splurge, there's something everyone can get for the baby if you choose to do so.

I have also felt the baby start to kick a few times off and on so the baby is definitely getting strong enough at last for me to feel movement as it (we don't know if we are getting a boy or girl yet, hence the 'it'.) bounces around inside me. My colostrum seems to have started coming in already as of last night is when I noticed it. I wasn't expecting to see any for at least a little bit longer. The only information on the subject is that it's a normal pregnancy symptom and usually happens late in pregnancy. Although I don't think 19 weeks is really 'late' in my pregnancy. At least I know I'll be getting milk for feeding the baby by the time I go into labor.

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