Thursday, October 8, 2009

We spent last weekend working on getting things setup and put away in Poe's room. We have it done save for a few minor details that will be addressed in time. Anyway, here's a few pics of his room in progress, decor is on the way to brighten things up further, so no worries he'll be getting wall decor along with other items to make his room more fun.

Also, due to the amount of soreness I've been experiencing in the tissues around the hips (perineal, thighs, etc...), the doc said on Friday that I could go into labor within 1-2 weeks. I can't wait either, I'm very much ready to squeeze this kid outta me and be able to reach and see my feet again. I've had BH contractions that come and go since Wednesday night this week and seem to be subsiding for now, we'll see if they start up again tomorrow or middle of the night.. It seems as though my body is somehow teasing me about whether I'm starting real labor or just more practice. A co-worker was shocked I haven't gone to the hospital to get checked out over this, but what is the point if they aren't consistent and aren't intensifying? I don't see why I should sit in a hospital bed for up to 3 or 4 days assuming they would bother to wait that long, if it is the real deal, when I can be more comfy at home until I'm certain we've got actual labor going? I've had so many instances that could be mistaken for the real deal that I could be in and out of the hospital needlessly for weeks or days. They would prolly get sick of me if I went every time I started to wonder if this time was it. Besides, I see the doc again tomorrow afternoon and I'll find out at this appointment if I have effaced or dilated at all. I doubt at the rate things are going right now, that I'm in actual labor just yet. We'll see what the doc says about it...

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