Monday, September 21, 2009

Baby shower, Fall and other lil things

Okay, next time I decide I want a baby shower just smack me. We went through all the trouble of putting one together and my only guests were my mother, my lil sis, my nephew, and my DBF. I know some of you are out of state so you couldn't be here, but some in town who said they wanted to be there all either had prior commitments, or had to work. Talk about convenience. But we did have fun anyways and I got some really cute stuff for Poe including some adorable outfits, a froggy that plays music and lights up, a bath tub, some cute hats, shoes, socks, blankets, hooded towels, mittens, a crocheted teddy that squeaks (Remy thought it was hers so I guess we are going to have to get her a squeaky toy),baby booties, bottles, bottle drying rack, brush cleaners, bath and lotion items, a box of diapers, a package of wipes with a refill, pacifiers, onesies, sleep and play pjs, seat belt strap pads, teether, and a few other small items.

The balloon bouque stayed in the truck for couple days since we were both space cadets and finally remembered to bring them in before my DBF had to go to work one morning. I set them by the door not thinking twice about them, and went to reading my emails. Our 'vicious' dog, Remy, starts growling and barking as if there is an intruder in my door way. She even backs into the kitchen because the 'intruder' was not backing off. This went on to my bewilderment for about an hour. It wasn't until later when I tried to take her out to go potty that I noticed she wouldn't go any where near the front door because of the balloons. I just started rolling after that. Our dog is afraid of balloons. So I moved them away from the door so I could get her to go out and she had to check me over and make sure I wasn't hurt from my ordeal with the bad balloons.

Shawn spent 2 weekends painting Poe's room to perfection and even ripped out the old beatup carpet that was in there. He even scraped the old paint out of the window and parts of the room where it was peeling and bubbling and fixed a patch in the ceiling so it would be perfect. We ordered new carpet last Friday and I am hoping they call today to schedule the install so we can start putting things together in his room. Our property manager even agreed to reimburse us on the carpet since it's an upgrade to the apartment too (we have awesome management for our property too). I am hoping we can have it all setup by this weekend so I can post pics of his room nearly finished. We will have to wait for a box from his Auntie Heidi who is making his curtains and even picked up a few finishing touches to his room which I will update once she is able to mail it all out to us. She thinks she will be able to send it all out on the first so I will repost pics with the new stuff once it arrives.

We received a box with an adorable blanket hand made by my great aunt on Saturday which is absolutely adorable.

A few of my co-workers mentioned on Thursday about getting something for Poe, they were just waiting for payday so I will put updates as to what and when they are able to get a few things. One of them mentioned maybe throwing a shower after Poe is born too so maybe we can still have a successful 'shower' later. A few of them have already brought me a few things we needed too. So far, a jogging stroller, a swing, clothes, shoes, blankets, burp clothes, bottles, and a few maternity clothes for me. So I can consider myself lucky that I have a few co-workers whom are thoughtful enough to have given us those things. They are definitely going to be a big help.

Now if only I can motivate myself to get that bag packed for the hospital and put into my DBF's truck so I don't forget it by the time I go into labor. But I've been a lil preoccupied with getting this apartment ready that it seems to be taking a backseat.

Fall or Winter, however you would like to look at it, has arrived. The leaves started turning a few weeks ago which is early for our area. A cold front moved in last night and brought plenty of moisture along with it. We had snow and rain simultaneously this morning when my DBF left for work this morning and it's been cold, wet, windy and rainy all day since then. The forecast calls for this to last until about Thursday. So I guess I won't be needing anymore cold showers to stay cool for the remainder of the year. But with the weather being like this, I'll have even more reason to cozy up to my DBF with a blanket and stay there.

My belly has been dropping a lot in recent weeks also. There have been a few occasions when I get out of bed it feels like the baby is smacking my cervix almost or pretty close to it. Everyone is expecting me to go into labor any day now despite my due date is October 29th. We shall see if he is an early bird or if I carry to term. The Braxton Hicks aren't exactly letting up much either.

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