Thursday, April 9, 2009




About two weeks ago, we went out and adopted a dog from the local animal shelter because my DBF has been really wanting to get a dog. We looked online at the pets available locally for adoption as well as each dog's profile. I can't explain what it was that made us fall for Remy, but the sad look on her face in her picture only tugged at out hearts further. We went that afternoon down to the shelter to meet her and see if she would be a good fit into our now ever changing lives. We learned from the shelter employees what a wonderful dog she truly is. She loves children, is very mellow, submissive, does well with other dogs, and she passed with flying colors the temperment tests and the kitty test. When she was brought into the meeting room, she ignored us at first, sniffing all the smells of other pets and people that had been there before. She looked around out the windows at all the people and animals passing in the hallway with excitement and wonder in her eyes. She first paid the most attention to the young girl who brought her in being very playful, and laying on the kisses as if she hadn't seen the girl yet that day. We were told about how sweet she is, and how she was a favorite of the staff that worked there. We learned she had been brought to the animal shelter three times, but not once due to her own fault. The owners all (talk about bad luck for a dog) had to move to a place that would not allow them to take a pitbull mix with them to their new home and were truly heart broken by it. She did eventually start sniffing us, learning our smells. Then we were flooded with kisses once we were deemed to be ok in her book accompanied by a wagging tail. We were floored and impressed by her all in those few minutes. She was even house trained, a bonus for us. We called our landlord just to learn that the rental insurance company they went through did not permit pitbulls, and a number of other large breed dogs, many of which are actually big babies, nothing more, on the property. They were unjustly labeled as "vicious dogs." This broke our hearts as we bid goodbye to Remy.

Over the weekend, we did extensive research on the whole extensive list of why insurance companies practice "breed discrimination." Which I will get full into on another day, but we ultimately learned that the majority of bites that are reported, are due to one of three things (and I don't care if this pisses you off or not, truth hurts here): Irrisponsible parents, bad owners, and unruly kids. If you are truly responsible with your pets and your kids, dog bites are nothing more than a rumor. The general exception being the royal idiot who tresspasses on a dog owner's property. They deserve what they get every time and have no right to act surprised when it does happen. If you aren't tresspassing, you have nothing to worry about.

We learned of overpriced dog insurance for dogs on the "vicious dogs" list despite that statistically, there's no justification for this list whatsoever. It' s a corporate money making scheme from what we've seen of the real numbers. We only agreed to buy some of this liability insurance so that the landlord would not have a problem with us bring home a very sweet and loving dog. Her days here since then have only reinforced why there should be a class action lawsuit against insurance companies nationwide for breed discrimination.

Since she has been home, and as she has been getting more comfortable, her biggest crime is wanting to be part of your daily routine. She follows us around the house due to what we believe a little insecurity from being brought to the shelter three times prior, cuddles with us when she can, and gives lots of kisses and love. There isn't a vicious bone in this dog's body. Not one. Well, maybe if you're the intruder. She also has a submissive smile she does that looks like she would be growling but all she is doing is trying to smile. She even prances on her front feet and wags her tail excitedly to go outside for anything. She would walk all over town with you if we let her. Here are a couple videos of her reaction to going outside:

Remy Prancing from Lynnette Spittler on Vimeo.

Remy wants me to take her out again from Lynnette Spittler
on Vimeo.


  1. She looks cute sis but your bottom video didn't work, it just showed a black screen when play was hit.

  2. Yeah, I don't know why it isn't working.


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